applebloom answers

Oct 13

spyrovisitsequestria-deactivate said: Is it true that you like Spike?

Nope. I don’t like Spike in that way. I dunno why people keep askin’ me that. I mean, we’re jus’ friend ‘n nothin’ more. ‘N… I kinda like some other pony…

askebonydarknessdementiaravenwa said: Hey Eppleboom.


Is there somethin’ wrong with that there pony-board of yers?

Oct 12

Anonymous said: What do you think of it? o_o

Of what

Anonymous said: Penis?

Anon, That is buckin’ inappropriate. Do ya’ll kiss yer mah-ma with that nasty mouth of yers. Please think of somethin’ that’ll be worth mah time on this darn contraption. I don’t feel like typin’ mah words of wisdom fer some idiotic question, such as yers. 

Anonymous said: Why don't you come into the back of this windowless van and get some free candy?

Buck ya’.

I ain’t goin’ in no van.

Plus, Halloween is around the corner. Why would I want candy from yer van when I can get it out of bowls from other ponies’ houses on a special day where all us ponies can get free candy or apples. Dependin’ on what barn ya’ hit fer yer goodies. 

Oct 09

Oct 08


Sorry ev’ry pony fer not bein’ on fer a while. I’ve been mighty busy with learnin’ how to buck and…well of course school. So…I bet’cha all of ya’ fergot about me and thought I died or somethin’ well, I back. But I ain’t gonna be on so often. Sorry!

Sep 25

65-super said: Applejack is lieing a lot so don't trust her alot!

She’s back ta’ normal. 

Sep 22

Anonymous said: Ignore the last idiot you answered, he does not know that the plural of chao is chao.

Alrightly then.

Thank ya’,Anon!